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You don’t walk on upholstery with muddy shoes, and you can’t track the grime and dirt that comes from outdoors on your favorite upholstered fabrics. It’s natural that people don’t realize how heavily soiled their loveseat, chair and sofas can become. Dust, oil, dander dead skin cells and other contaminants eventually collect on upholstery, and removing them is only possible through the help of professional cleaning services. You should know that it is only highly trained professionals who can clean upholstered furniture. At New Hyde Park Carpet Cleaning, we utilize up-to-date and high-tech equipment to leave your upholstered furniture sparkling clean and dry for use within a couple of hours rather than days. We use less water to clean upholstery, which helps to ensure that less moisture stays behind. This also boosts the drying process, and reduces the chances of mildew, bacteria, and mold growth. We also use quality and safe cleaning products to leave your upholstery with fresh scents.

We Can Make The Noticeable Difference!

At New Hyde Park Carpet Cleaning, we have highly trained and skilled professionals who use hot water extraction methods to clean your favorite pieces of upholstery. You can trust the high-powered equipment and cleaning liquids they use to clean and dry upholstery.


Benefits of Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

• We can perform our cleaning services on any type of upholstery; this means we can clean natural fibers, as well as the most complex ones. So know that when you call us, we are one company that actually stick to our words.
• We use safe processes and products to ensure your pets, children and family members remain protected.
• We clean and dry upholstery within a short time so you and your family or guests can use them once again.
• Our cleaning processes leave dirt residues behind, so your rest assured that your upholstery wouldn’t re-soil again until a longer time.
• We respect your time and money, this is why, and we provide services that will fit perfectly within your budget and your convenience.
• Since we have years of experience in this industry, know that your upholstered furniture will receive the right care it requires.

We Tackle Pet Odor and Stains

These days, every third homeowner owns a pet. With pets around the house, your favorite upholstery can’t stay away from their fur, stains, and odors. Eventually, homeowners think about throwing their favorite furniture out. However, if you hire our professional upholstery cleaning services, then rest assured that we would use the best techniques and solutions to get rid of bad odors, stains, and restore your upholstery back to its new state.

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