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Complete Boat Cleaning Services: We Handle Rugs, Carpets, and Upholstery Cleaning in New Hyde Park

Sports equipment, fishing gears, muddy boots, moisture, dust and various other contaminants can’t stay away from boat carpets. Especially when you go on a tour with your family in your boat, then you must be facing problems like food stains, dirt and more affecting your carpets. Just like homes, it is important to keep upholstery, rugs, and carpets clean in boat at all times to prevent them from appearing dirty, and affecting the health of your loved ones. Handling the task of cleaning boat upholstery, rugs, and carpets can seem like a difficult job for most, especially because people lack the right equipment to clean their boats. At New Hyde Park Carpet Cleaning, we are glad to let you know that we offer our cleaning services beyond your home. Now, you can call us to clean the carpets, rugs, and upholstery of any kind of boat you own.

We Steam Clean Boat Carpets, rugs, and upholstery

Steam cleaning is a natural method of cleaning with water, yet it creates a powerful force for cleaning. What makes our steam cleaning methods special is that it evenly removes the dirt and stubborn stains that go deep into upholstery, rugs, and carpets. A biodegradable, soap free method, it ensures your boat items dry within a few hours. It helps to remove dander, dust, and other pollutants within a short time.

For further details on our services, the products we use to clean, our timings, and more information, please feel free to contact us at (516) 405-3950. Whether you own a large, or a small boat, we provide complete carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services. We respect our customers and this is why, we provide timely and 100% satisfactory services in New Hyde Park.

We Have Leading Technicians in this Industry

We are proud to say that we have the best technicians who can clean the upholstery, carpets and rugs of your vessels with the use of high-tech and up-to-date equipment. Rest assured that no matter what time of the day it is that you need our services; we will attend to you on timely basis. We provide the exact same cleaning services that we do at your home.

Safe & Upgraded Cleaning Products

At New Hyde Park Carpet Cleaning, what makes us a unique company is the use of quality and safe cleaning products. We know that some people have allergic reactions to chemicals, their scents, and more. This why, we only use safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will deep clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, yet keep you and your family far away from allergic reactions or other health related problems.


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