Rug Cleaning

Our Rug Cleaning Services Can Make Your Rugs As Good As New

Area rugs can help to bring an elegant touch to any kind of room. With proper care, and cleaning you home rugs could potentially serve you for many years to come. To ensure that your area rugs last longer throughout the years to come, it’s advisable to clean them professionally from time to time. This is precisely when we fit into the picture. At New Hyde Park Carpet Cleaning, we have many years of experience in rug cleaning and we can take our time to clean them in the best ways possible. We know that people work round the clock and making time to attend to rug cleaning is something that can’t be possible for them in their busy schedule. This is why, we offer 24/7 cleaning services to ensure your convenience.

Always At Your Service

At New Hyde Carpet Cleaning, our comprehensive and quality rug cleaning services come in unique designs that help to get your rugs appearing as good as new. At our company, we understand how vital it is to treat rugs with care and precision. This is why, we take our time to thoroughly inspect every detail of your rug and eventually come up with the best cleaning plans.

Upon hiring us, you should rest assured that we will treat your rugs and property with complete care and respect. It is our duty to leave your premises in the exact tidy and neat condition upon completing our rug cleaning service.

We Run Pre-conditioning and Colorfast Tests

Before we clean your area rugs, we will test them for any possible chances of bleeding dyes or other conditions that could affect the rugs while we clean them. We pre-condition area rugs with the application of special liquids that help to loosen hard soil from constant foot traffic, and maximize the chances of soil removal from any kind of rug. Whether you own a cotton, silk, wool, or any fiber quality rug, we can clean them for you.

We Speed Dry Rugs

Often, we flush water on rugs to remove contaminants, debris, soil and the non-toxic cleaning liquids. We then treat the rugs to soften the fibers. We implement proper drying practices, which is critical to the rug cleaning success. At New Hyde Carpet Cleaning, we use the best equipment to speed dry rugs and avoid their shrinkage and prevent the growth of mildew and mild.

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